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  • Vermicomposting at Home!

    I compost using a lot of different methods, but I genuinely think that the method of composting most suited for home food scraps is vermicomposting...
  • How to Support Black Businesses in San Diego County

    We know that you vote with your dollar. But so many of us, especially pre-COVID, felt that we did not have the time to really put that power to use. So many of us are addicted to the thrill of getting an Amazon package within seconds of ordering it. But, by doing that, we are QUITE LITERALLY giving our power away to Jeff Bezos, to undermine our local shops with hefty fees.

    It’s time to take that power back, and make sure we are supporting what we want to see more of in the world.

  • How the Home Composting Program Works

    If you don’t have the time to compost your own scraps at home, that doesn’t mean they need to be sent to landfill! This blog will give you insight into how the program works.
  • What Can I Compost?

    This blog discusses which organic waste items you can compost depending on your composting method, as well as what items are compostable with The Compost Group services.