How to Support Black Businesses in San Diego County

I, like most others, have been grappling with grief the past few days seeing the pain that our black brothers and sisters have been sitting with for generations expressed. It is hard to listen to the stories of frustration, anger, hopelessness, and anguish spill out from members of our human race and not feel such intense remorse. 

I am a white woman, and I grew up very sensitive to the world’s problems. To deal with that sensitivity, I felt like I could only take on the world’s pain in one subject area and try to fix that. I chose environmentalism. I felt strongly connected to and supportive of those who fought to correct injustices, systematic oppression, race equality, against police brutality, against white supremacy, against poverty, homelessness, animal rights, corporate greed. But I now feel like I have failed.  

I felt that I knew right from wrong in terms of race, and that that was enough. I could focus my energy on helping the planet and hope that others step up to do the good work of ridding the world of these other harsh realities. My heart and throat swells for the blinders I put up just to make my days easier.

I am in the process of creating a long-term plan to make sure that my grief turns into a quantifiable difference in the world for years to come. It’s not enough to join in on social media. There is systemic oppression, a f**ed up rulebook, that we need to fix. This may be small, it may be late, but I hope it is not unimportant.


Please reach out with additions I should make to this list. I am still learning after years of hoping other people would fix this problem, and I’m sorry.


Step 1: Educate myself


I am taking Rachel E. Cargle’s online class: The Great Unlearn. She puts together a monthly curated list of topics on how racism has been quite literally written into the rulebook of America. We need to learn about the things that were omitted from our history classes in order to re-write how our country is run.


Step 2: Create an actual investment portfolio of where I spend my money.


We know that you vote with your dollar. But so many of us, especially pre-COVID, felt that we did not have the time to really put that power to use. So many of us are addicted to the thrill of getting an Amazon package within seconds of ordering it. But, by doing that, we are QUITE LITERALLY giving our power away to Jeff Bezos, to undermine our local shops with hefty fees.


It’s time to take that power back, and make sure we are supporting what we want to see more of in the world.


I am making a pact to spend 25% of the money I spend personally on black-owned businesses. It is going to be tricky to make sure it happens. It is going to take research, dedication, and care. But ultimately, our wallet is our investment portfolio into the changes we want to see in the world. We need to start treating it as such.

I CHALLENGE YOU: to track ever item you send in the month of June, and write down who each transaction supports, and in that, what VALUES you are supporting. I will be doing this too. 


Black Owned Restaurants in San Diego County:

Cane Patch Kitchen, Liberty Station, Creole 

Bowlegged BBQ, Market St. San Diego, BBQ

Breakfast Bitch, 5th Ave San Diego, Breakfast/Brunch

Felix’s BBQ, Oceanside, Breakfast & BBQ

The Morning After, Gaslamp San Diego, Breakfast/Bunch

Smack’n Guamanian Grill, Miramar Rd, Grill

Coop’s West Texas BBQ, Lemon Grove, BBQ

Surf and Soul Spot, La Mesa


San Diego Local Black Owned Breweries:

Legacy Brewing Company Tap & Kitchen, Miramar


San Diego Local Black Owned Café:

By Any Beans Necessary El Cajon Blvd San Diego


San Diego Black Owned Spice Shop:

Reasonings 4 Seasonings


San Diego Black Owned Gardening & Food Growing:

Connecting With Nature – gardening programs for kids

Good Neighbor Gardens – Local harvest box delivery


San Diego Local Black Owned Fitness:

Speed to Enhance Performance Academy


San Diego Based Black Artists:

Raquels Art Studio

ScanDLusBanana – Jewelry

Salty Sol Artworks


Online Black Owned Natural Products / Herbal Remedies:

Brown Sugar Co

Sacred Vibes Apothecary

I SOUL Naturals

Earth Mama Medicine

Scrapberry Farm


Online Black Owned Bookstores:

Semicolon Bookstore


Uncle Bobbies Coffee & Books

Mahogany Books

Ashay By the Bay

Harriett’s Bookshop


Other Resources:

Cultural Center: World Beat Center

Textured Waves: Community dedicated to advocating for diversity in the ocean

Shoppe Black: way to find black owned small businesses in a variety of industries


This list will be updated as I do more research and hear from others. Please let me know of other local/online black owned businesses.


As a San Diego County resident, I am also acutely aware that a similar uprising is long overdue for our societal squashing of our Native brothers and sisters. This is step one in a broader goal to be an inclusive business, an inclusive person, and a productive ally who understands and actively works to dismantle the systematic oppression of our fellow humans. This is just the beginning.

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