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The easiest way to compost your food scraps!  The Compost Group will provide you with a 5-gallon bucket to put your food scraps into. On the schedule of your choosing, we will come by to pick up your filled bucket and replace it with a fresh bucket. Once you sign up, your bucket will be delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours, and you will be notified which day of the week your neighborhood is scheduled to have pickups.

Compost pickup service is currently open to Encinitas and Oceanside residents 🙂


Please note: if you choose to have your bucket serviced every other week or once per month, we ask that you please freeze your food waste until your pickup day. Our goal at The Compost Group is to work to create the highest-quality soil products from the waste stream. To do that, we stay away from antimicrobials, even popular ones like Bokashi, as to ensure we create the best environment for the good guy microorganisms that have the potential to bring life back to our soil. This also ensures that you don’t end up with a stinky bucket while you wait for your pickup 🙂 If you don’t have the space for that, please sign up for our weekly service! <3

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