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Small, Women-Owned, Local Business

Hi everyone, my name is Naomi and I'm the founder of The Compost Group. I started this company because I was frustrated that there were no local options for us to compost our food scraps, and instead our beautiful, nutritious, often times locally grown food waste was sent to landfill to rot and coat our planet with a layer of harmful methane gas. Before starting The Compost Group, I worked in climate policy, and I know the nitty gritty details of how methane hurts our planet and can steamroll our climate into a host of issues. Of course, then seeing the complex web we’ve created of supplementing our soils with harsh chemicals, pesticides, nitrogen fertilizers, and anti-fungals to grow our food and gardens when healthy soil could do even better without harming our waterways and our own health - its clearly time for a change.

Of all the difficult solutions to complex problems we are facing as a society, this is a really simple and (theoretically) easy solution. A network of decentralized, hyper-local compost hubs – diverting food waste from landfills from the restaurant & residential sector and creating living soil amendments for farmers and gardeners alike to rebuild depleted soils really has the capacity to change the world. So I sought out to do it. I hope you'll join the movement with me :)




We seek to provide our communities with sustainable composting processing solutions and living soil products that benefit restaurants, farmers, gardeners, and community members alike. 


To give back to our earth by creating community-centered solutions that advance sustainable practices.


We believe that all aspects of what we do should be characterized by these four core values: COMMUNITY, INGENUITY, QUALITY, and RESPONSIBILITY



NAWBO awarded us the 2019 Green Communities Award for this composting business. We are so grateful that it resonates with the community, and are excited to continue growing!



Who The Compost Group Is


The Compost Group believes that zero waste begins locally, and that’s why we are dedicated to partnering with local businesses and community members to reduce our food waste and the environmentally damaging byproducts they produce. Individually, it may seem impossible to reduce one’s carbon footprint so that’s why we’ve turned to the help of others. We specialize in community composting for large-scale organic waste producers like restaurants, businesses, and grocery stores, and have even partnered with local university California State University San Marcos to launch our first composting vessel. Through our home scrap collections service, our restaurant organics recycling programs, and our grocery store organics recycling programs we are actively doing our part to serve this community. We hope you partner with us in our efforts to enhance sustainable practices.


Though we are a small, locally owned business we have big goals for our community composting efforts and our life-giving soil. The waste management sector of California may be tightly locked up in regulation that gives big-name haulers control and ownership over all waste streams, expensive million dollar permits, and other serious zoning limitations that restrain organics recycling but we haven’t let that stop us. We’ve approached these issues by creating a network of small scale, permit-except facilities that utilize in-vessel technology to compost waste. Our founder created an idea for a composting vessel and had one custom built so that it could be placed on a small plot of land (less than 700 square feet per plot); it can also process up to 25 restaurants’ food waste- that’s about two and a half tons of food waste every three days! We are also able to contain any odors, eliminate rodents and other pests, and expedite the decomposition process through this innovative technology. The Compost Group is constantly looking for ways to utilize resources and modern technology to produce high-quality systems, service, and products for our community members.


It is our goal to create the highest quality soil amendment products, and we’ve worked tirelessly with experts in the soil biology world, such as Dr. Elaine Ingham, to ensure that our compost recipe is matchless. We test each batch produced to guarantee quality and make sure that we have enough active levels of all life necessary, including the bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes, for a healthy soil food web. We take quality seriously here at The Compost Group, and do all that we can to create a product you can always depend on to allow your garden or farm to flourish.


We’ve decided that the Earth’s health and wellbeing is not someone else’s problem to worry about, but is something we all should actively be involved in. The Compost Group knows the absolute importance of proper food waste disposal and the benefits it provides, but we don’t stop our good efforts there. We take full responsibility for the phrase, “give back to the earth” and want to make sustainable decisions every way we can. Whether it’s through composting, creating a revolutionary soil amendment that regenerates the earth’s soil, or little things like using biodegradable burlap bags to sell our soil, we do everything with our environment and community in mind.