Home Food Scrap Pickup

The easiest way to compost your food scraps!  The Compost Group will provide you with a 5-gallon bucket to put your food scraps into. Once per week, we will come by to pick up your filled bucket and replace it with a fresh bucket. Once you sign up, your bucket will be delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours, and you will be notified which day of the week your neighborhood is scheduled to have pickups.

Pick up service is currently open to Encinitas & Oceanside residents. 

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Further Details:

If you don’t fill up the whole 5-gallon bucket, it is still important we pick up once weekly so you do not end up getting any funny growth in your bucket :)  We do not use bokashi or any other anti-microbial in an attempt to create the healthiest soil product from the waste stream, so weekly pickups are important.

Bucket Dropoff:
Your bucket will be dropped at your doorstep on your first service date. Be sure to enter your service address (address you would like the bucket dropped off) when you are checking out. Once you check out, you will be given your service date. 

When we drop off your bucket, we will also leave you with a refrigerator magnet of compostable versus non-compostable items to help you remember what you can and cannot put into the bucket. We are able to accept many more items than most community composting programs, so please read the following list carefully:

We Can Accept:
· Vegetable trimmings (pre- and post-consumer)
· Fruits & seeds
· Meat & small bones
· Seafood, shells
· Eggs & eggshells
· Plate scrapings
· Yard trimmings
· Flower bouquets
· Non-colored paper products (egg cartons, plain cardboard, paper, fibrous compostable to-go boxes, napkins, parchment paper)

We CANNOT Accept:
· Plastics
· Metals
· Colored/glossy/waxy paper
· Receipt papers

If you are interested in reading about why we can accept more types of food waste, read our blog post on the topic! Please also feel free to read our blog on how the composting program works for ideas on how to outfit your kitchen in case you don’t want your bucket taking up space in there.

If you do wish to give us cardboard, please just flatten your plain boxes and set them underneath or to the side of your 5-gallon bucket. We can take as much cardboard as you need, without increasing our pickup prices.

COVID Procedures: our drivers will be wearing protective masks and required to stay home if they feel sick or are showing any COVID symptoms. All replacement buckets will be freshly sanitized, and the handle will be wiped clean with disinfectant for a second time right at your doorstep.